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Why the London olympics will suck

I have been passed a transcript which my source assures me is of the meeting where the olympic committee planned the design brief for the new GB olympic kit:

"After the disaster of our olympic logo, the terrible mascots, and the abysmal failure of our plan for ticket sales, we really need to come up with an amazing olympic kit for our athletes."

"Absolutely! Well, we've got this globally recognisable flag which is red white and blue, that's a start. But we don't want to be boring - how can we mix it up a bit?"

"I know ...

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Radiac's Tips for Christmas Day

This is the last working day before society dictates that we all have to take half a day off to be with family, so I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you my top tips for a productive Christmas Day.

Plan your day

There are certain activities on the day itself which are marginally enjoyable - the meals are often above par, and while we all find the unwrapping of presents to be tedious at best, the activity often produces many useful items, such as pens or socks. Once you have decided which activities you wish to ...

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How to lose a customer

I have recently had the pleasure of having needing to contact the customer services department of three companies. Two will be getting my custom again, one will not.

Firstly I had to phone Dell about my broken XPS M1330 laptop. Apparently nvidia hadn't counted on their graphics chip getting hot, so when it does it basically expands, pops its solder, and no more laptop. Despite being a year out of warranty, all I had to do was mention the Sales of Goods Act 1979 to the Dell chap, and before I knew it I had an engineer booked to ...

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There is never enough time

It has been a busy couple of months since my last entry. As ever, there has been a lot of work to be done - my to do list is down to a mere 70 items. Not that I'm complaining of course - with the economy continuing its merry journey to the bottom, it's good to still have lots to do.

On a sadder note, my gran passed away last month, at the impressive age of 105. These days I try not to let this diary get too sentimental, but thought I would at least mention it, as she made ...

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My dad is an archery enthusiast, and so, therefore, am I.

Growing up I was vaguely aware that my dad was keen for me to take up the bow - subtle little things, like an archery target appearing in the middle of the lawn, or him saying "I am keen for you to take up archery" - but until recently I have always been too busy learning too many musical instruments, or being too tired from my strenuous days spent typing away at a keyboard.

However, I recently decided to take up archery, entirely of my own accord and without my dad ...

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