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The cake is not a lie!

I had an excellent birthday, thank you to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes! Leela and I went around exploring a bit more of the Cotswolds on Sunday, and on my actual birthday on Monday we went to the ever-awesome Cotswold Wildlife Park. When we got back, Leela had made me a birthday cake:

It was good:

We finished the days off with a trip to the cinema on Tuesday to see The Lovely Bones - which wasn't nearly as bad as the reviews made out, and I thought it turned out to be quite a good film. In ...

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Tomorrow I Will Be Older

No entries this month because I've been working very hard on lots of exciting things, and haven't had anything interesting to say on account of not doing anything interesting, other than writing lots of exciting things in various programming languages. My attempts to bring my diary back to the glory days are not going so well, are they? Must try harder.

But it will not start for a few more days, because I'm taking tomorrow off - it is my annual day of becoming a year older. Leela has planned a birthday extravaganza for me, which started on ...

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As GLaDOS once said

I'm still here, just very busy - as ever. The good news is that it looks like I'll have a clear inbox and all of my client projects will be either completed or on hold by the end of next week, barring some urgent disaster. This is quite notable, as it'll be the first time in about 5 years - hopefully this means I'll be able to finish off the CMS soon, and make a real start on my new sites. And I'll be able to post something on here that is interesting for once. Good times ...

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It's that time of year, again

It's the first of December, so that can mean only one thing; is thrilled and excited to be putting on its Christmas decorations for the 11th year in a row.

As Christmas is all about traditions and memories, I've decided to go with the old classic advent calendar from last year - re-live the good times!

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Hello, new server

Everything seems to be running just fine on the new server, and even all of my personal sites are back up. Well, almost all; some of the old ones I haven't touched for years and I don't want to keep going, so I took the opportunity to spring clean my domains and drop them.

They were mostly insignificant so I doubt anyone will miss them, but at this time of year at least one person always asks me for the TCMI, which was until this weekend over at Most of those scripts were about 10 ...

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