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Happy Christmas etc

It's that time of year again when puts on its christmas costume and rolls out the TCMI! Sadly I'm phoning it in again this year - I've been working on a new design for the site on and off for the past few months (mostly off), but haven't found the time to finish it yet, let alone do a christmas version. Play the old advent calendar and pretend it's new!

In fact, 2012 has been a bit of disaster as far as is concerned - only 4 diary entries, an all-time low. I ...

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Cookie Consent for Dawdling Developers

I have written a JavaScript thing which will make it nice and easy for you to comply with the new EU/UK cookie law. It's called cookieuse, it's small and customisable, and unlike most of the other cookie consent scripts that I've found, it was written after the ICO backtracked on implied consent.

If you're a web developer who hasn't quite got around to doing anything about the new law yet because it was going to ruin your analytics and social media buttons, and you were hoping the ICO would come to their senses in ...

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A Plan for World Peace

Another day, another depressing UN climate meeting. I find myself becoming increasingly incensed by the constant destruction of our world by people who are only interested in personal power and financial gain. If you are an idiot you can argue against climate change, but you can't dispute the rampant pollution, deforestation, over-fishing and unprecedented pace of the destruction of nature that our species is now capable of - and yet, somehow, our elected politicians manage all that and more.

In the linked article about the climate meeting, someone from Greenpeace says "It's absurd to watch governments sit and point ...

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Why the London olympics will suck

I have been passed a transcript which my source assures me is of the meeting where the olympic committee planned the design brief for the new GB olympic kit:

"After the disaster of our olympic logo, the terrible mascots, and the abysmal failure of our plan for ticket sales, we really need to come up with an amazing olympic kit for our athletes."

"Absolutely! Well, we've got this globally recognisable flag which is red white and blue, that's a start. But we don't want to be boring - how can we mix it up a bit?"

"I know ...

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Radiac's Tips for Christmas Day

This is the last working day before society dictates that we all have to take half a day off to be with family, so I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you my top tips for a productive Christmas Day.

Plan your day

There are certain activities on the day itself which are marginally enjoyable - the meals are often above par, and while we all find the unwrapping of presents to be tedious at best, the activity often produces many useful items, such as pens or socks. Once you have decided which activities you wish to ...

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