There is never enough time

It has been a busy couple of months since my last entry. As ever, there has been a lot of work to be done - my to do list is down to a mere 70 items. Not that I'm complaining of course - with the economy continuing its merry journey to the bottom, it's good to still have lots to do.

On a sadder note, my gran passed away last month, at the impressive age of 105. These days I try not to let this diary get too sentimental, but thought I would at least mention it, as she made the front page of the local paper. It's quite remarkable to think of all the changes she saw the world go through since she was born in 1906. For those reading this who knew us 10 years ago, she is now buried with my mum in Sevenoaks Weald.

For those who enjoyed my last entry about archery, I have taken part in 2 of the 3 archery competitions I mentioned, and really sucked at both. One was in gale-force winds (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it), and although I had a new heavier bow for the other one, I struggled to reach 100 yards, ending up with a score that was almost half that of when I used my dad's enchanted bow - although I did get one arrow in the inner gold (some may say by more luck than judgement, but they would be mean-spirited sore losers), and I won £2.50! I will try not to spend it all at once.

I have several large projects scheduled over the next few months, so don't expect too many entries in the immediate future - but if things go to plan, once they're out of the way I should be able to start wrapping up some very long-term projects - and start releasing stuff after 9 years of code silence. Pencil in to check back at the start of January...

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