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Chancel Repair Liability is Fun

Legal disclaimer gubbins: this article contains the ramblings of a house buyer who has merely done a bit of research and presented it here as an introduction to the topic for your entertainment - as such, it may not be entirely accurate, and does not constitute legal advice. The same goes for the many, many comments at the bottom.

It is also worth noting that this was written in 2010, and the law change mentioned below came into effect on October 13, 2013; I'm still not clear on the full implications, but see the comments at the end for the ...

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I have been searching for a particular mexican sauce ever since Tristan brought it over and got me hooked on it in 2002; I have tried many alternatives, but they just aren't good enough. In 8 years, the only success was during a month in California with Leela last year, where I insisted on trawling every supermarket we passed, and still only turned up two bottles.

However, I have finally found a dealer supplier in the UK - Hot Headz import and sell the delicious Tapatio hot sauce. Not only that, but the bottles were half price!

Words cannot describe ...

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New Phone, or How much I like Apple

A couple of months ago, in the depths of my diary-less house move, I purchased a new phone.

I have repeatedly refused to join the legions of Apple faithful. At first it was because their products were overpriced and incompatible with Windows, and if I was going to buy an overpriced computer that was incompatible with Windows, then it was damned-well going to be something made by Acorn, which were superior in every way.

But once it was clear that there was no future in Acorn, and that I'd have to back Apple if I wanted to continue to ...

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We Love BT 2010

I've been moving house again, so that can mean only one thing - yes, that's right! It's time for another episode in this long-running series that I affectionately refer to as "BT's Continued Reign of Relentless Incompetence".

Knowing what has happened in the past whenever I have dealt with BT, I thought this time we'd just keep things simple. I rang their house moving line, and said that I'm moving to a house half a mile down the road, gave them the date, and said that because we'd be on the same exchange, we ...

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Commemorating 10 years of with 10 for 10

As the observant among you may have noticed, my diary has been silent for several months. Normally I manage to squeeze at least one inane entry out celebrating the inane happenings of someone who spends their life in a basement, but this period of silence has been because I've had too much to say rather than not enough. It has been a very busy, exciting and stressful time, and I have several entries written in draft form on my other computer, which I'll post up over the coming days and weeks. However, I can't get at the ...

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