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  • Tagulous - fabulous tagging for Django
  • Fastview - build admin-style CRUD views with minimal code
  • nanodjango - run Django models and views from a single file, and convert it to a full project.
  • Yarr - a lightweight customisable RSS reader for Django
  • Conversate - persistent chat for Django
  • Powerwiki - a work in progress wiki system for Django
  • YAA Settings - flexible app settings for reusable apps

Python libraries

  • Mara - a framework for network services, talkers and MUDs
  • Perl - a Python package to add Perl syntax
  • sphinx-gitref - link to source code and validate references in documentation


Linux tools

  • docker0s - use docker-compose to manage multiple containerised apps on a single host
  • workenv - a shortcut for jumping between local work environments and carrying out tasks within them
  • Serac - extensible encrypted file archival, designed for use with AWS Deep Glacier
  • Disermo - server monitoring framework
  • caman - self-signing certificate authority manager

Other stuff

  • TCMI - the one and only Tacky Christmas Music Interface
  • Old things - old projects for RISC OS, pgplus and more