Happy Christmas etc

It's that time of year again when radiac.net puts on its christmas costume and rolls out the TCMI! Sadly I'm phoning it in again this year - I've been working on a new design for the site on and off for the past few months (mostly off), but haven't found the time to finish it yet, let alone do a christmas version. Play the old advent calendar and pretend it's new!

In fact, 2012 has been a bit of disaster as far as radiac.net is concerned - only 4 diary entries, an all-time low. I did actually manage to put a new code project onto the site this year, but given it was just a trivial cookie law disclaimer, it has predictably been met with nothing but electronic tumbleweed and a lone comment expressing displeasure. Rather depressingly, visitor analysis undeniably confirms that my most significant contribution to humanity to date continues to be my article about chancel repair liability from 2010.

For me personally though, 2012 has been pretty good - I've had plenty of work, started to make some progress at the gym, bought a nexus 7, our cats are doing well, we've started learning Spanish, and we've just come back from an excellent 3 week holiday to Chile and Argentina - more about that once we've finished sorting through the 2000 photos I took. I'm also in the process of moving away from working directly for people who want websites - bit of a change after 8 years, but I'll save the details for a future diary entry once things start to fall into place.

Of course, 2012's not over yet - December promises to be pretty busy for me, what with finishing off my last 2 large client projects of the year and trying to balance the consumption of christmas-themed chocolate with time in the gym. I think I will be spending a lot of time in the gym.

Happy Christmas, everyone!


William Black

I will let a Kuwaiti girl know this information. Thanks.

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