A Short Interlude

So, my new site is ready on my dev machine, but when it came to deploying it to this server, I ran into a bit of a dependency issue. Long story short, I can either plough ahead and risk breaking important things, abandon my deployment system, rip out half my code, or get a new server.

Seeing as the first three will be a pain and I was going to be replacing this server soon anyway, I'm not really tempted to spend the night trying to get it to work here. The catch is that I can't shut off this machine until a certain unnamed client leaves; they promise they'll be ready to go "at the end of this month", but they have been promising that since August 2012 - so I'm reluctant to pull the trigger on the new server and have to run an extra one at a loss for months just for this site.

I do have other servers I could put it on, but for various reasons none of those would be ideal at the moment. I'm having fibre broadband installed later in the week, so maybe I'll just run it over that for a couple of weeks. Who knows.

I may have a change of heart in the morning, but for now all I'm going to say is: the new site will be up soon. Hopefully. Still, at least this will give me some time to improve the easter eggs...

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