Fabulous Tagging for Django

A tagging library for Django built on ForeignKey and ManyToManyField, giving you all their normal power with a sprinkling of tagging syntactic sugar.

Read the documentation, get it from pypi, or grab the code from github.

  • Easy to install - simple requirements, simple syntax, lots of options
  • Based on ForeignKey and ManyToManyField, so it's easy to query
  • Autocomplete support built in, if you want it
  • Supports multiple independent tag fields on a single model
  • Can be used as a CharField with dynamic choices
  • Supports trees of nested tags, for detailed categorisation
  • Admin support for managing tags and tagged models

Read the documentation to see everything Tagulous can do, jump straight into the installation instructions, or take a look at the static demo and usage examples for how it works in practice.