Data archiver with encryption

Designed for permanently backing up data which does not change frequently, suitable for write-only storage such as Amazon Glacier.

Read the documentation, install it from pypi, or grab the code from github.

Serac allows you to maintain a permanent archive of files. Each file is encrypted and transmitted separately, so is best suited for long-term archival of large files which don't change frequently, with storage on third party platforms such as AWS Glacier.

It is written in Python and designed to be extended with additional backends; it currently supports a local filesystem and AWS S3, Glacier and Deep Glacier.

Because Serac is designed to work with Glacier, it treats its archive destination as read-only; it maintains a local index of the remote files, so your only regular costs are storage and writing new archives; the only time you need to read is when you are restoring, and only then the specific files you want to retrieve.

Note: Your local index should be backed up separately as it contains file metadata. This project is in beta so should be used with appropriate care.