Old things

These are old projects (as in ones I wrote over 10 years ago) which are left here for posterity. When I last used them I wasn't aware of any bugs, and I have no plans to make changes to them. That said, if anyone would like to submit a patch, I'll be happy to take a look.



DImager is an ADFS disk image creator and writer. It lets you create disk images from, or write images to, a floppy disk.

WIMP Skeletons

My light and full WIMP skeletons, for loading templates, managing windows and icon bar icons, as well as handling important polling events and messages.


Playground Plus is a talker codebase - basically, a highly customisable telnet chatroom. Known as pgplus, it is written in c and there are many patches available to extend the functionality. This is a collection of the patches that I have written.



Two server bases for people to use in their own projects - Fluffy the Forking Server, which forks a new process for each connection, and Nevil the Non-Forking Server, which manages multiple connections in a single process.