Busy Months

I didn't just back-date that entry about our wedding to 8 months ago to make it look like I wrote it at the time. Ok, maybe I did, but only because it's pretty bad that it took me so long to write it. To be fair, I did the first draft back in July, but we were waiting for photo cards to arrive so we could thank people for their gifts, and apparently proper etiquette required that they were sent out first, or something. Then I wanted to add something to the site's back-end which would make it easier to build slideshows, I just had to get something finished first, and... here we are.

So, what has happened in my first 8 months of married life after the honeymoon? Quite a bit, as you'd expect - but to be honest, aside from Leela changing her name so we're now officially Mr and Mrs Terry, not a lot of it is particularly exciting; we've both basically spent the whole time working.

Shortly after we got back from Australia, Leela started a prescribing course and is spending her evenings and weekends doing project work and essays for that. Once she has completed it she'll have a new qualification which will allow her to prescribe things for patients, and she'll be starting a new job (at the same hospital) where she'll be running outpatient clinics, which is all very exciting - but there's a lot of work to get there. To add insult to injury, she was away at a course on her birthday this year - normally we take a couple of days off for our birthdays to go out and do things, but we couldn't do that this year. The sacrifices we make for work, eh?

As usual, I've been working on a bunch of things, still with the goal of starting a software business, although this year took a massive detour into writing a bespoke CRM+accounting system for someone. I'm retaining ownership of it and at some point I may try to sell it, but because it's a crowded market I feel it will need a lot more functionality before I could take people's money. I'll therefore be putting that on the back-burner soon to make more time to finish my first commercial product, a web wysiwyg editor. That's also a crowded market and almost all of the competition is free, so it may be insane to hope I'll make any sales - but it will have a bunch of USPs, so I expect it to at least find a niche amongst people who care about those features. Long tail and all that. My biggest problem at the moment though is coming up with a name for it...

As for the cats, Leo has been fine, but Loki hasn't - we noticed his breath was gradually getting a bit worse, then suddenly his mouth smelt of death and he was very subdued, uncharacteristically showing very little enthusiasm for scratching me. When we took him to the vet, it turned out that one of his fangs had broken and was dangling by a (presumably very painful) thread. From the x-rays, they reckoned it had actually been broken and died years ago, but he'd had some trauma to it recently which had caused it to snap loose and rot. Cue memories of him joyously tossing a massive rat around the garden with his mouth a couple of weeks before. Still, after a quick operation to remove the tooth, he's all better now. Starting to wish we'd taken out insurance though.

Other than that, married life has been pretty quiet. I've bought a whiteboard, which took an embarrassing number of attempts to drill holes which lined up (but they're all hidden behind it, so that's fine); after living in this area for 7 years we've only just discovered that a bar/restaurant we often passed serves amazing cakes, so now go there quite frequently to make up for all the lost time; in the evenings we mostly watch things on Netflix (we're a little bit addicted - it's Breaking Bad and re-watching Stargate SG1 at the moment); and we're still trying to learn Spanish when time allows, in preparation for future trips abroad. In short, things are quiet, but good. Me gusta.

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