A brief update

Well, it has been a while since my last post - nearly 4 years in fact. Yikes.

As you may have guessed, I've kinda given up on my diary. It started 10+ years ago when a client started talking about things they were reading on here - not just a one-off comment from when they stumbled across it, but regularly commenting on my updates over a period of months. I forget the details now - I just remember I didn't like it. Not my first experience of the dangers of over-sharing on the internet, but it was enough to make me draw back. Since then I've measured everything I post, usually to the point that I delete posts before I finish them, or leave them in draft until they're no longer relevant.

The other problem with writing posts is that they take me a lot of time, something which has been in very short supply lately. I started a separate tech blog as an attempt to get back into posting something, but around that time I made a big change: I left freelancing to become an employee. Since then I've become CTO at Wildfish, a London-based Python and Django consultancy - which as you can imagine doesn't leave much time during the day for anything else.

The past 4 years have also been quite busy in my personal life too - we moved house and had a child. I'm not posting anything publicly about that - the internet never forgets, so I'm trying to avoid them having an internet footprint until they decide they want one.

I'll keep this site up for my projects and as a point of contact, and at some point will probably merge my blog back into this. Who knows, I may even post again in the future. Until then, thank you to my regular readers, and lets try to stay in touch.

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