Ok, that's annoying

Picture the scene. I've been stuck in a complicated telephone system, for 5 minutes, and have finally navigated my way to the option that I want.

I am put in a queue, and my other line rings. That's the line that's only ever for work or urgent stuff, so I reluctantly hang up on the queue, and pick up the work phone.

"Marks and Spencers and John Lewis have their Christmas decorations up", an automated voice says. I cannot repeat my side of the conversation, for this is a family-friendly website, but suffice it to say that I hung up.

I dialed the telephone system again. This time, remembering the buttons to press, I pressed them in quick succession. With my memory though, I of course got them wrong, so had to hang up and start again.

Finally got through to someone, only to be told that their computer systems were down. Niice.

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