That Special Time Of The Year...

Yes, that's right. It's that time of the year again. We both know you've been counting down the past 334 days, pacing up and down impatiently. I can see you in my logs, sitting there hitting refresh.

For the 9th year in a row, it's Christmas time at See, it's true, some things really are too good to miss.

And what do I have in store for you this year? Well, although I won't have time to do a new advent calendar, I will be running some of the old ones from the past couple of years. But it's not all recycled - I've got a couple of features planned, the first of which I am pleased to share with you.

Picture the scene. You're at, like you are every day, and you reluctantly surf away to the BBC website to check the news. But what's this, this third party site couldn't afford to license the TCMI? Depressed at the lack of festive spirit, you close your browser, and go off and start binge eating mince pies to try to make your life suck just that little bit less.

But no longer! Fight the festive depression with...

The TCMI Bookmarklet

Yes, that's right, is teaming up with your browser* this holiday season, and bringing festive cheer to every single** website, across the entire internet!

Simply right click the link below and click your 'Bookmark this link' button.

Then surf to any website, and click your shiny new bookmark. Hurrah, instant christmas cheer!

TCMI Bookmarklet

Happy Christmas!

If you want to add the TCMI to your own site, head over to this page to download it. Let me know if you do, I'll be doing the TCMI watch again this year.

Please note that any changes to a page (eg data you have entered into forms) will be lost when TCMIB is run.
You probably don't want to run TCMIB twice, or on a site that already uses the TCMI.
* Your browser may not be supported. Tested in Firefox and IE6+7. Contact me if you use any other browser.
** Some websites may not be supported. If you experience problems with a website, go to one that sucks less.


Hurray! I like this time of year, because it makes me realise that I need to (again) throw everything I've written away and start again.

Aww your christmas design was there but went away :(


Yay very frightened that its the 9th year of this, I remember the first as if it was yesterday :-p

I know! I feel so old!

Yay for Christmas! It is great that you have the calendar up. I didn't even think much about it, but of course, I checked in anyway to look at your site.

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