Diary: December 2007

That Special Time Of The Year...

Yes, that's right. It's that time of the year again. We both know you've been counting down the past 334 days, pacing up and down impatiently. I can see you in my logs, sitting there hitting refresh.

For the 9th year in a row, it's Christmas time at radiac.net. See, it's true, some things really are too good to miss.

And what do I have in store for you this year? Well, although I won't have time to do a new advent calendar, I will be running some of the old ones from ...

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Ok, that's annoying

Picture the scene. I've been stuck in a complicated telephone system, for 5 minutes, and have finally navigated my way to the option that I want.

I am put in a queue, and my other line rings. That's the line that's only ever for work or urgent stuff, so I reluctantly hang up on the queue, and pick up the work phone.

"Marks and Spencers and John Lewis have their Christmas decorations up", an automated voice says. I cannot repeat my side of the conversation, for this is a family-friendly website, but suffice it to say that ...

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Rewarding Loyalty, Nintendo Style

So, Nintendo have finally given people with a way to convert their star points into wii points to spend on the virtual console. Great, free games! Only there's a catch: there's a limit on how many points can be converted by one person in a day. Not that that's going to be a problem for anyone, because they've also put an artificial limit on how many people can convert points over a certain (unspecified) time period, and they've already sold out.

I can't imagine any possible reason why they'd want to do this ...

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We Love T-Mobile 3G

I've been running off a T-Mobile 3G connection for the past few days, and it is annoying me. Sure, 500 kbps is pretty good for a wireless connection that's only costing me £5/month, but what's annoying me is the way they have a transparent HTTP proxy that compresses the HTML and CSS, inserts its own JavaScript, and reduces image quality, all in an attempt to save their precious bandwidth.

Fine in theory, but in practice a lot of the sites I want to visit now don't work. We're not just talking 'oh, it looks ...

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