Diary: June 2013

All Change

Last year I made an important decision: it was time to quit my job.

Regular readers will know that I don't exactly have a job - I've been freelance since I left university, picking up work wherever I found it, mostly working directly for people who want websites. The problem has been that most of my clients' priorities were things like design, content and SEO - but I'm a programmer at heart, so didn't exactly find that enjoyable. Not that you can expect any job to be fun and games all the time, but I also made some ...

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A Short Interlude

So, my new site is ready on my dev machine, but when it came to deploying it to this server, I ran into a bit of a dependency issue. Long story short, I can either plough ahead and risk breaking important things, abandon my deployment system, rip out half my code, or get a new server.

Seeing as the first three will be a pain and I was going to be replacing this server soon anyway, I'm not really tempted to spend the night trying to get it to work here. The catch is that I can't shut ...

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Yarr - Yet Another RSS Reader

I've released a new project: django-yarr, a Django-based RSS reader for people who want to self-host.

I'd been hoping to have my new site up and running before I started releasing things, but we'll have to make do, because the Google Reader Apocalypse is Nigh.

I'm a big fan of self-hosting, so when Google announced on March 13th that they were killing Reader, I started looking around for a replacement to drop into one of my Django sites. There were a few around, but they didn't seem to be heading in the direction I was ...

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