Diary: September 2007

Giving In To Online Social Networks

Up until last night, I managed to resist social networking sites. I have always considered them to websites as World of Warcraft is to games - once you start, you can never escape. And so I treated them as I did WoW - although I may have looked at it longingly from time to time, and even held the install CD in my hand, I knew that should I ever give in, I would never be able to work again.

With that in mind I resisted Friends Reunited, orkut, then held out against newer sites like flikr, 43 things and twitter. I ...

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100 days to Christmas!

Yes, I am still here. Contrary to popular belief, I haven't spent the past two weeks on Facebook - in fact, I haven't spent the past two weeks doing anything much on the computer other than work. Instead, I've been getting up to quite a bit away in the real world (yes yes, the graphics are amazing, blah blah).

Leela and I have spent a couple of weekends at our homes; we went to Cornwall to see her mum and had a very nice barbeque, and last weekend we went to Kent to see my dad and my ...

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Bank Just Rang, Wants My Personal Information

I have just been rung by an automated phone system that said it was from Lloyds TSB, and that it wanted to check some suspect activity on my credit card with me. Fine. But then it asked me for my date of birth.

Purely for the next time one of Google's spiders passes by, the number was 0845 6306967 - and to catch other search variants, that could also be written as 08456306967, 08456 306967, or perhaps even 0845 630 69 67. I'm such a keyword whore.

Anyway, I hung up and rang the customer services number on the ...

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