Diary: July 2007

Sorry, Regular Readers

Some mention has been made about how my diary entries are becoming increasingly sporadic and dull. Lack of free time aside, this is because I have become increasingly self-censoring. Partly for your benefit - a lot of my time is either spent working, or performing mundane daily activities, both of which would bore most of you to tears.

However, the main reason is that this site has accidentally become an advert for me. Clients often use this domain to contact me, and when asked "who does your site?", they give out this address. Even if they did use the other domain ...

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A mixed 24 hours...

Good: proudly describing to your girlfriend how you talked an insurance salesman into giving you a month of cover for free.

Not so good: her producing a pamphlet for the same company promising 2 months free.

And for those of you who are friends with the penguin, when you're ever tempted to chmod -R 700 ., make sure you're in the right directory. Or at least, make sure you're not in /etc. Especially if you're doing it at midnight... yawn

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For everything else...

Magazine: £1.50

Smoothie: £3.49

Running to an underground station, getting stuck behind an OAP at the top of the escalator, slowing you down by about 30 seconds, arriving at the platform just as a train is shutting its doors, waiting 4 minutes for the next one, getting off at a connecting station, running to the next platform just as that train is pulling away, waiting for another 3 minutes, getting that tube train to a mainline station, sprinting up the stairs (faster than those running up the escalator, as ever, I proudly add), finally arriving on the platform ...

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