Diary: June 2007

Best Line Ever

I love my reference books, because every so often you stumble across gems like:

This has all the advantages of being a variable rather than a subroutine. It has all the disadvantages of not being implemented yet.

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Safari For Windows

Interesting, they've released Safari for Windows!

First impression is that it is very mac. I can't see this release making much of a dent in the market share of the other Windows browsers - the interface, menu structure etc feel like they are the result of extremely direct porting, and it ignores the standard Windows interface features, such as no middle click scroll mode, and no resizing at the edges. I'm sure it's a nice browser, but I can't help thinking that it will suffer from the same obstacles to adoption that Firefox and Opera suffer ...

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Time For New Spectacles!

I've decided to defect from Boots to Specsavers, on account of Boots being incompetent - Bath were OK, but Sevenoaks, Truro and Cheltenham were not. The final straw was when I noticed that they had kindly cancelled my contact lense direct debit without telling me, leaving me with no contact lenses.

I had my first appointment with Specsavers today; my eyes hadn't changed too much, but my glasses are pretty old and I feel that it's time to get new ones. Makes me a little nervous, for as regular readers may recall, I have had mixed results when ...

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