Diary: May 2007

Shiny New Monitor

My 19" CRT monitor is coming up for its 6th birthday, and I've been thinking of replacing it for a while. After I'd been using it for a bit on Saturday, I thought 'hey, my eyes feel weird'. Then I looked at the edges of the screen, and saw that the picture was slowly shrinking and expanding. On top of the voltage regulation issue that it's suffered for years (where the brightness suddenly drops out), and the fact that at its very brightest I still can't make out dark greys, I decided that enough was enough ...

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I Hate My Neighbours

You know what stinks, figuratively? Neighbours who don't pull their weight. You know what stinks, literally? Used nappies that have been sitting in a broken bag, in an outside bin with a broken lid, for the past 2 weeks. And I thought being woken up at 3am was the worst part of having an upstairs neighbour with a recently activated sprog.

We have a little open-roofed shed out the back that is home to 5 wheely bins, and the inhabitants of the other 8 flats in this building are quite happy to fill the bins. However, when it comes ...

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Monitor Revisited and other stories

I've been using my new monitor for a couple of days now, and I'm still really pleased with it. Finished rearranging my desk:

Next up for an upgrade is the machine itself. I'm still on Windows 2000 at the moment, but have software that requires XP or Vista (like Office and CS3). I had been putting off moving to XP because Vista was always just around the corner, but now that it's here I get the feeling that this machine would struggle a bit. I'm therefore thinking I'll just go for a short-term upgrade ...

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Upgrading to... XP?

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I have a fair bit of software that now needs XP or Vista. I thought that now was the time to upgrade my desktop so I can run it all on my nice new screen, rather than the small-dull-and-tiny screen of my laptop.

As my machine is quite sufficient at the moment, I didn't really want to upgrade the hardware. However, at nearly 3 years old it wasn't quite beefy enough for an upgrade to Vista, so I went for XP.

I have spent most of the past couple of days ...

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Cooking With Radiac

This bank holiday weekend has been a frenzy of going to the gym and cooking unhealthy things to try to balance it out. We made some cheese scones and chocolate muffins (new recipe!):

They both turned out incredibly well, even though Leela did accidentally try to bake the muffins under the grill. I should have taken some photos just after they came out of the oven, but sadly these were all that were left by the time I found my camera. Think I need to go to the gym again.

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