Diary: January 2007

Happy New Year

It is now 7 years since the year 2000. I mean I know that makes perfect mathematical sense, but... 7 years?! It can't be?

Happy New Year!

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Hurrah For Nice BT Engineers! (And Boo For Nasty Ones)

At some point between 09:23 and 09:25, my phone line went down. Guess who has a two-minute cron job ;)

After donning my deerstalker and popping my pipe into my mouth, I followed the trail of clues to the BT van parked in the driveway. I eventually located the driver of the van, just as he coming out of one of the upstairs flats.

"Good day to you sir! My telephone appears to have malfunctioned whilst you were in its vicinity! Might the two be connected?"

"No. F*** off."

Well, ok, neither of us used exactly those words, but ...

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Resolutions - Say Hi!

Last year I had lots of new year resolutions. I successfully completed 2 (work more), 4 (play more) and 5 (stay awesome), but didn't really touch the rest.

This year I am going to focus on resolution 6 from last year - keep in touch. When a friend e-mails me, no longer shall I put it to one side to reply to "when I have more time", because I will never have more time - I still have an e-mail here I've been meaning to reply to since July. Two years ago.

I will also try to start conversations with ...

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Off To Hospital

Hiya everybody! I'm off to hospital in a bit to be de-adenoided - after a long process I might soon be able to breathe through my nose and smell things! Hurrah! It's a general anaesthetic so I think they want to keep me in over night - but I'll be back tomorrow!

P.S. looks like I am going into a ward "where dignity and confidentiality is maintain" - but apparently where punctuation and grammar are not ;)

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