I'm very pleased to announce that I asked Leela to marry me, and she said yes!

For those interested in the details, it was her birthday last Monday, and each year we take a few days off to do something - day trips to local towns and cities, visits tourist attractions, films at the cinema, that sort of thing. I also cook her a meal, usually macaroni cheese and strawberry crumble, as those used to be the only two things I could cook - but this year I also gave her a chocolate mousse, an apple and ginger syrup sponge, and a ring.

Despite the fact that this Saturday we will have been going out for 10 years, Leela was very surprised - instead of answering, she repeatedly asked me if I was joking. To be fair, I was proposing with a party ring. After I had assured her that I was entirely serious, she agreed, and we haven't stopped grinning since.

My fiancée and I (tee hee!) haven't set a date for the wedding yet, but given we both enjoy travelling to distant places, and there is no better excuse to travel than a honeymoon, we're thinking the date will largely depend on flights...



Hearty congratulations. :)

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Sending best wishes an hugs to you both

radiac replied:

Thank you!

scootch / kelrabi

Wishing you a lifetime of love. Congratulations to you both!

radiac replied:

Thanks! Good to hear from you, hope you're well!

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