A New Website

It has finally happened - I've updated my website! It's got a new design, a new blog, and a new back-end - yes, I have at last ditched the 15 year old perl includes in favour of a django site. I've put it straight into its new Christmas theme - it's a work in progress, since I've got a few more things planned for it this month, including a new improved TCMI and a new advent calendar which is not quite ready.

The main change to the new site is that I've split my diary in two. There's now a new blog section for tech stuff, and the old diary has moved into the new personal section of the site and will mostly be about cats. I'm doing this because I've always felt the tech stuff got in the way of stories about cats, and vice versa, which has led to my all-time-low of 3 entries in 2013. This will now change.

If you're reading this on the old RSS feed address, you'll get both the diary and the blog - but if you don't want to read one of them, there are now separate feeds.



Guess what I came on my yearly visit for?

There's a new TCMI on the way! In fact it's written, and in the projects section - I just need to add it to the site. Probably won't happen until tomorrow now though.

It's up now, on the site and in the projects section.

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