Let's move!

I don't regularly comment on matters of politics, but I shall today. For some reason I was surprised when I heard that the 42 day detention bill had passed in the commons. Diane Abbott's speech is a perfect example of why it should have failed - you know something's up when a Labour MP stands with senior ministers from the tories and lib dems in saying the security services don't need it, that the similar legislation was already defeated two years ago and that it's just about strengthening the PM's position. I couldn't see how people could have listened to that and the rest of the debate, and still voted aye. I naively couldn't see how it would pass.

Of course, I missed the real point - it's pure politics at its worst. Brown wanted to show he was tough and able to succeed where Blair failed. If Brown had lost, he could have been days away from a challenge, and the rumours of promises of safe seats and knighthoods to increase the ayes don't do anything to suggest otherwise. Blair was dangerous, but Brown is both dangerous and incompetent. A heady mix.

So, while there may well be more to it than meets the eye, taking David Davis' resignation speech at face value gives me just the tiniest glimmer of hope that the madness in politics in this country hasn't reached the point of no return.

Of course, all his re-election will achieve is a bit of extra publicity and another nail in Brown's coffin, but no real change. That's the problem with politics in the UK - we the voters are damned if we do, damned if we don't.

But then perhaps I give too much credit to the public common sense. Top-watched video on the BBC is "Colleen parties before wedding" - they just don't care, because it doesn't affect them, yet.

Time to move out. Can anyone recommend a nice country that speaks english but respects their citizens?


I don't expect that there's any decent English-speaking countries left, but you can come over here to Denmark - we don't mind that you don't speak the language anyway ;-)

I speak foreign - it's just like english, only slower and louder. If that fails, there's always the universal language of pointing!

As Rune suggests, I think you're pushing your luck looking for an English speaking country that isn't already in the pits. That said, I've heard they speak English in Zimbabwe.

I reckon somewhere in Scandinavia is your best bet - you can get away without learning another language, and as long as you don't mind a slightly more expensive lifestyle in general, I think you'd be happy.

Mmm, good point - I've always fancied Norway. Something about the fjords. Although Rune seems nice, so perhaps I should give Denmark a chance too. That or buy an island and do things my way.

They speak English in the Maldives :)

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