Leela and I disappeared off to Barcelona this week, and had much fun doing the usual touristy things.

We went up and down Las Ramblas several times, took the Bus Turistic (or the "Tourist Bus", for those who aren't all that with the Spanish), saw several buildings by Gaudi (like Casa Mila and Sagrada Familia), went into some modern art museums, visited the science museum, walked through the Barri Gotic, didn't get pick-pocketed or mugged once, and had particularly excellent ice creams at Port Vell. Although they forecast rain, the skies were clear and the sun was out each day - made a nice change to go somewhere and have good weather, and an even nicer change to not get sunburnt.

As ever, there are many photos, which I'll go through and put up here shortly.


Mark S

Sounds wonderful.
Glad you enjoyed it. I've been wanting to get there for a couple of years now. Soon! :D
See you around,

Hey hey! Yes, it was excellent, even though we suffered the usual indignity of attempting to speak broken Spanish recited from quickly memorising the relevant part of a phrasebook, only to be replied to in perfect English. Ugh, I'm such a tourist ;)

But yes, it was excellent! Well worth a long weekend like we had, although there's apparently enough to do outside the city to make it worth going for a week.

The eye fiend

Your Spanish was bloody awesome actually! You're not known as "Ricardo" for nothing, and don't forget it!!!!

Eye eye

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