Diary: November 2007

We Love Obscure Bugs

I seem to have a knack for finding obscure bugs. Mostly it's in places you'd expect, like Flash and ActionScript, or Perl modules from CPAN, but today I found one in Apache.

Essentially it comes down to this: you can't place canonical url mod_rewrite rules in a subdirectory.

So, if you haven't closed your browser after reading that:

  1. You want a request handler in a subdirectory off your server root, /var/www/subdir, and because it's just your development server and you're after a quick hack, you copy your standard handler .htaccess in there ...

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We Love Free Stuff

I woke up one morning to find my Wii glowing. It was a message - Nintendo were telling me that they'd send me some free Wiimote covers. I said OK, and they arrived last week. They're quite good actually, especially for free. Shame they won't do the same with Mario Galaxy.

Then of course there was the Nokia BL5C battery recall, one of which was in my 6230i. I contacted them for a replacement, and they said they'd send me one.

It was around that time that my phone broke. I don't know what was wrong ...

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Google Books

Ok, I must have missed the memo about this one, but this is cool. O'Reilly, for example. Well, as long as you're only after the first few pages of each chapter, otherwise you're back to googling for dodgy russian sites. But it's a start.

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