Diary: October 2007

The cake is a lie

Two weeks and no posts? This can mean only one thing - I've been busy! And that I haven't got back into the habit of writing diary entries. Ok, so two things.

Let's see - first there was the Great British Cheese festival; Tristan came up from Bath, we bumped into Simon and Natalie, bought lots of cheese, and I also bought so much apple juice that I pulled a muscle in my shoulder getting it back to the car. Good times.

Then the company I'm working for in London had a night out at The Comedy Store ...

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Commuting Irritates Me

As anyone who has lived with me will no doubt testify, I only ever get irritated by the little things. Anything significant will just bounce off - no heating for months in the middle of window, no running water for weeks, things like that. But should you dare to not wash up my collander, I will be angered, and most likely sulk and whine for weeks.

So the fact that I spend 14 hours a week on trains doesn't bother me, nor does starting my day with a 20 minute walk to the station in the rain. Not even getting ...

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Train Journeys Are Fun! (But Leave Time To Make Your Connection)

I've had a fun day on the trains. Got to Cheltenham to find that the 8.46 was cancelled. This isn't unusual. What was unusual was that the next train, to Bristol Parkway, was actually the 8.22, which arrived at 9.18. I felt a bit sorry for the mother-plus-children who was exclaiming loudly that she was going to miss her Eurotunnel train tickets - but this is Britain, if you don't leave two or three hours to make your connection, what do you expect.

The train got in to Bristol at something like 10.10. I ...

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Oooh, scary

I've wheeled out the halloween decorations again, bit earlier than last year, but I knew I'd forget otherwise. Busy time with work at the moment!

I will take the comment silence for the past two entries to mean that nobody's really interested in The Train Chronicles. So don't worry, I won't tell you about my journey on Wednesday, where the train down to London was full of half-term children screaming at me, and the journey back being delayed by an hour and re-routed because a car had driven into a bridge. Where the hell is ...

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