Diary: August 2007

Radiac's Hawaiian Adventure

On the 15th July, Leela, her mum and I flew to San Francisco for a day trip.

Well, we were there for three days, but sadly due to jet lag, flight times and figuring out how to get to the hotel from the BART station, it ended up as one day with two short bits at either end. But we made the most of our time there, and the first thing we did on our full day was head over to Alcatraz. I managed to get sunburnt on the boat going over, and spill orange juice all over my trousers ...

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And Then We Had No Water

I'd originally intended to follow up my Hawaiian Adventure entry a lot sooner, but the past couple of weeks have been... hectic. I'm going to London 2 days a week now, so the 12 hour commute on top of my work does mean I don't have as much free time as I'd like. Never mind, I'm sure it'll settle down.

So, as I said last time, we got back from our holiday to our flat in Cheltenham after being awake for about 40 hours. We were sweaty and tired, and looking forward to a ...

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