Diary: April 2007

VoIP Joy

Some of you may remember that a while back I was after some kind of VoIP service. Well, I've finally got round to doing something about it.

I'm using Asterisk (helped a lot by Andrew's how-to) and X-Lite softphone, with a Sennheiser PC 20 headset. I've also got a free phone number from sipgate, and it's working perfectly. Now I can sit in my office and look like a total dork.

I just have a couple of little things left to sort out (like, err, outgoing phonecalls), and I'll have a pretty awesome phone ...

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Oxford Geek Night

I went along to Oxford Geek Night 2 on Wednesday, helped set up, talked to the few people I recognised, and watched the talks, which were (on the whole) very good. They included web typography, Amazon's web services, some stuff about Second Life (Linden Labs sound like an awesome place to work for) and Yahoo Pipes - things that I'd heard about, thought sounded good, but never made time to find out about.

There was a camera crew for the local BBC news (see it here), and many photos were taken, but despite that I appear to have avoided ...

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April Has Been A Quiet Month

With less than a week to the end of the month, I suddenly noticed that there have only been two entries. Well, had better remedy that - now there are three.

I've just tidied and hoovered my office - everything is now very clean. While tidying, I discovered an old folder that I had filed away in the wrong place. It held a list of people to contact that I moved house (in September 2005). Well, at least that explains why I haven't heard from some companies in a while. Oops.

Tristan came up to visit at the weekend, which ...

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