Diary: February 2007

Catch Up With Me

Hello everyone! It has been a while. My silence hasn't had anything to do with not having anything to say - in fact the opposite, I've been pretty busy. Here's a quick summary:

  • It was Leela's birthday on 27th January, and on the 1st February we'd been going out for 3 years!
  • I went back to Kent at the end of January for meetings and to dig things out of storage. I had the meetings, but literally couldn't find anything I was after in the boxes. Erk - did I throw too much away when I ...

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Working In A Winter Wonderland

We woke up today to find everything covered in snow. There's not as much as they were promising, but there's at least 5cm, and it's still falling.

I love snow. Walked with Leela to work this morning; there's something about snow that makes everything wonderful and clean when it has just fallen.

Makes me wish I had a long commute to my office :p

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Dumbest Idea Ever

This has to be an entry for the Dumbest Idea Ever awards. Stop muggings by painting yellow privacy boxes in front of cashpoints. Yes, because the yellow lines on roads work so well.

I can see it now. A man stands at the edge of the yellow box while he waits for the lady in front to finish withdrawing money. Bored, he looks into the nearby shop windows, unconsciously shifting his balance. His toe edges over the line. Police rush in from all sides, batons raised, and they tackle him to the ground. Police helicopters hover overhead, police cars screech ...

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Google Fail It!

Just seen the latest version of the Google image search. Looks like even Google gets some things wrong from time to time:

The little popup box blocks the 'Next' button. I know I can scroll out of the box and it will disappear, but there's no delay before it opens; skipping to the bottom to click on 'Next' means I have to be careful, or I end up going somewhere I didn't mean to.

Not the biggest mistake I've ever seen, but I somehow expected better from Google, inventors of the perpetual beta.

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Good morning.

I've started using my PDA a lot more recently - last week I found new drivers for my CF wifi card, so I've installed a decent browser and have started using it all over the flat. I've started using the to do list and calendar again too; I remember I tired of it last time, but I think the benefits will outweigh the 'No, I wrote 1, not I' moments. I've also put a new SD card in - £6 for 1GB? I remember when I had to pay £400 for 120MB of storage. Bah, when I was ...

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