Last Day At Home

Today was the last full day I'll ever spend in my home of 22.58 years. Quite sad, but hey, life goes on. As I've mentioned before, I've been packing for the past few weeks - going through old bits of paper and sorting out what stuff I want to keep, and whether the stuff I don't is worth sending off to auction.

This whole thing would have probably been a bit easier if it wasn't for the builders all over the house. For example, today when I wanted to go get a box from my bedroom and take it to my temporary packing room, I looked out of the door and saw 8 builders blocking my path. Or, to be specific, one foreman, one plumber, one chippy, one bricky, two electricians, a decorator and a bloke called 'Magic' who does whatever the others tell him. At one point there were 11 of us in the hall. Quite how I'm supposed to be carrying things around the house with that lot in the way I don't know.

Anyway, I'm nearly finished now, and I'm just packing up the last bits of the house - the computers. For the second time - I did this last night, but then unpacked them again when it became apparent I wasn't going to get away. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow - with any luck, I will now mostly be offline until tomorrow evening.

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