Ooh, I Have Been Quiet

Just realised there have been no entries for a while - well, I've been busy. I'm in the middle of emptying my home; it's being sold in a couple of weeks, and the house needs a bit of work on some little things to "address the issues raised by the surveyor". Little things like 'removing and rebuilding the roof' and 'replacing the electricity and lighting circuits'. Of course for that to happen the house needs to be empty, so I'm knee high in old papers and clothes and assorted random things that have been collecting here since they first moved in over 27 years ago. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with it all, but hey.

This comes at busy season for the tonbschl website (back to school time), and coincides with self-imposed deadlines for development of the second flash CD and the first stage of my CMS. Halfway through the house now, so at least it's getting there, and hopefully when it's all finished I can get back some kind of normality.

And you know you go to a restaurant too much when the waitress greets you by name and asks you if you'd like your normal table and large lemonade...



Haven't actually read this yet, but I was going to say "you need to update this!!" Now the luxury of my journal is no more, and Char won't do hers until she goes to weight watchers again, there's no comedy to be had! Everyone else's is crap, you're my only hope! Having already watched Dodgeball and Man on Fire (again!) today, you can see I am rather bored. And it's only 7.30. Sorry this is turning into an epic!

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