TCMI 2.0

I am very proud to announce my finest work to date - the Tacky Christmas Music Interface 2.0!

The old TCMI played midi files, but most browsers seem to struggle with those these days, and even when it did work, modern soundfonts made the experience quite variable. To get around this, the new version of TCMI now uses HTML5 audio to play MP3 or OGG files (depending on browser support).

This also means that if you've got the relevant PPL/PRS license, you can now play non-tacky music to your visitors! Although I'm not quite sure what the point of that would be.

The old version also ran in an iframe, which made front page SEO and deep-linking difficult for 1/12th of the year. This version therefore has the option to use AJAX loads and history.pushState, with the controls in a styleable <div> overlay.

There's also a new cleaner design, but those who want a tacky UI to go with the tacky music can opt to use the classic design.

You can find out more on the TCMI project page, where you can also download some of the old TCMI midis which I've converted into MP3s and OGGs. Improvements welcome on github.

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