Blog: December 2013

A New Blog

Welcome to my new tech blog, where I'll be writing about programming, sysadmin and anything else related to computers that I think may be of general interest to strangers on the internet.

I've been on the internet for about 16 years now, and I've had this site for almost 14 of them. I want to get back to sharing some of the stuff I'm working on, so this blog will be a mix of articles and tutorials covering various topics related to web development. I also want to learn things through this process too - as a ...

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TCMI 2.0

I am very proud to announce my finest work to date - the Tacky Christmas Music Interface 2.0!

The old TCMI played midi files, but most browsers seem to struggle with those these days, and even when it did work, modern soundfonts made the experience quite variable. To get around this, the new version of TCMI now uses HTML5 audio to play MP3 or OGG files (depending on browser support).

This also means that if you've got the relevant PPL/PRS license, you can now play non-tacky music to your visitors! Although I'm not quite sure what the ...

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Canvas bezier curves

The new Christmas design for this site uses bezier curves on canvas elements to generate random snowdrifts behind the header. Drawing a bezier curve is pretty simple, so seems like a reasonable place to start my new blog. First you need a canvas and a context:

<canvas id="myCanvas" width="400" height="200"></canvas>
var canvas = document.getElementById('myCanvas'),
    context = canvas.getContext("2d");

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